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Originally Posted by Legion5 View Post
I think people on here are being a little too harsh on the OP. While it's possible that he deals in cash to avoid taxes or because he's a drug dealer, it's also possible that he's a regular guy.
It's pretty clear from the OP's responses that at the very least he is trying very hard to avoid the attention of the IRS. So in my book, that doesn't qualify as "regular guy" who just happens to have $20k cash lying around the house.

Either way, the dealer misplaced $20,000. That isn't just incompetent, that's criminal and a serious and legitimate problem for anyone. Seriously guys, wtf?
Right, so the normal response would be to first call the dealer to try to resolve the issue (obviously did not work since the dealer repossessed the car), then call the police (since someone at the dealership pocketed $20k). OP has shown marked resistance to calling the po-po for no stated reason.