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Obviously this was just a test fit and I didn't get them hot enough or corner hard enough to really compress the suspension, but I'm pretty confident the 295's and 315's fit at stock offsets without rubbing as there were zero marks anywhere on the tires or fender liners after the test drive. There might even be physical room for 335's on the back and 315's on the front with the right offsets, whether they'd play nice with the wheel turned and the suspension compressed is another thing. The fronts barely clear the fender liner in the back, but the 315's are only 0.3" taller so it *might* work. Not going to bother finding out until I run out of 295's. In case anyone wants to replicate the setup, this is it:

TR Motorsport MT1 18x8.5 ET44 and 15mm spacers
295/30-18 Hoosier A6

TR Motorsport MT1 18x9.5 ET35 and 12.5mm spacers
315/30-18 Hoosier A6

On the front I wouldn't go bigger numerically than ET32 as you're really close to the strut on the inside. On the rear there's plenty of room to the inside but not much more room to the outside. The tires are almost flush with the fender (hellaflush y0!) but when the suspension compresses they tuck in and don't hit anything. They're short which helps. See shots for comparisons of the 295's and 315's to a 275/40-18 PS2 mounted on a stock rear wheel.

No surprise, this car is going to eat front tires. At 35psi without even getting them warm I was past the second TWI nubbin on the fronts. More bar and nitrogen lift might help a little, it's not set on full stiff yet and still on stock shocks. Will know more after it's driven in anger. Good thing is it at least gets the inside of the fronts warm. There's still a faint glimmer of hope that it won't suck.

Really scoots out of corners in 2nd with these on even when cold, don't think I'll need to worry about putting power down.

Still working out details on dampers. Got one quote back that was a little high, one company that is making a T2 setup but isn't done yet, and one that I'm providing some dimensions to.
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