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Originally Posted by Foodle View Post
Shady-meter has just overloaded ...

Who but the OP can say whether what we have read is all that there is to the story.

I find it odd that OP has not contacted police first. The only logic that makes such a decision plausible in my mind is that OP doesn't think the police can help or is convinced that contacting the police is risky.

As for the dealership employees, if one or more surmised that OP was someone that was unlikely to contact police over shenanigans, perhaps two or more employees conspired to take the $20k gambling that no litigation would come of it.

All in all, the OP's story doesn't add up unless the OP is clueless as to the importance of transactional documentation (e.g. receipts) or one or more aspects of the story are false. I don't know and doubt that we'll know everything there is to know.

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