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Originally Posted by Lostx89xSoulz View Post
hey guys i need to vent but also take my experience and never go to valencia bmw. Last week i bought a 08 M3 from valencia bmw, i came in with my family and did the paperwork with my $20K cash down payment. The finance manager collected my money did all the paperwork and handed me the keys and we drove off the lot and a couple days later the finance director called and said they need us to come give the down payment check and i told him that i put my down payment alrealdy and got all my paperwork here with the car. But apparently the contract is not a receipt, i'm supposed to get a separate receipt? so yesterday they repo my car, what can i do? i've called a lawyer and he told me that there would be a case but the dealer is going to fight it due to the fact that they gonna believed their employee and if it goes to court its gonna be 6 months to a year for my case to be done and over with. Any suggestion?
So take it from my experience don't deal with valencia bmw, they're a bunch of thieves.
Ok, word of advice right from the get go. I put $20,000 down on a car in 2001 that I can buy today for $9000. So NEVER put that much down on ANY car unless its a collectors car or you are buying it outright or you are buying a house. Thats a big mistake that I went through when I was in my early twenties. I will never do that again. $5000 is the max I now put down on any car and thats with 20+ years experience buying cars. I have nothing to show for that wasted $20,000.

Anyway, you do have a case. I would get a lawyer and take them to town. What else to the story are you not telling us?