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Originally Posted by ttam View Post
Will you try again after failing?
If they call me back for second, which may or may not happen depending on the number of slot open for phase 2 this year; of course. Can't turn down an opportunity like this. The agent I know got in on the second try. So I'm not giving up just yet.

The group I was with sent from the New Haven field office, six in total, only 3 got a passing grade. None of them had any military experience. One engineer from Sikorsky, one auditor from PWC and one guy I forgot what he does.

Just to give an idea what the process is like without saying too much.... Phase 1 had about 100 people from the New Haven Office, then comes pre-interview to determine who goes to phase 2. Only about two dozen got to Phase 2 (I'm one of them =)). And about half got passed Phase 2. Lie detector comes next, that's another 50% failure rate. Then background check. etc.

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