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Originally Posted by Rolf-Dieter View Post
1) why would you not make sure you have a receipt for handing over $20,000- in cash?
2) why would you even hand over $20,000- in cash and not go to your bank and have them make out a bank draft for the $20,000- in the name of the dealership?
3) if you had your bank made out a bank-draft for the $20,000- you would automatically have a receipt. The original would be for the dealer and a copy for you.
4) Your sales slip does not show the $20,000- as down payment and the balance to be financed?

and finally

Why would the dealer give you the key to the car and let you drive away if the $20,000- transaction of the down placement had not taken place.

Sorry my friend ... as they say "you made your own bed now you have to sleep in it"

Bottom Line ... you need to make sure you have all the paperwork and if you purchase a car again make sure you have a bank-draft or certified cheque made out to the dealership.

Something ... as others already stated does not add up here.
i didn't want my bank account to go over 5k in there at all time. (other reason)
i didn't want to sign a check cause that will have to go thru my bank.
in my contract it does state that it has the 20k cash down.
i know why would they let me drive off with all the paperwork and they car if i didn't put my down and finalize my paperwork.