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Originally Posted by The Ghost of Tom Joad View Post
from what i understand, many civilians are recruited by the CIA as early as high school. i would think the CIA will contact you if they're interested in something you may have to offer, IE education specialty, college grades, multiple languages, etc. outside of that, you might want to hurry up, join the military, and specialize in intelligence while you're there cause i doubt you can just walk into langley with a resume.
I highly doubt that. If you are going in as a civilian without military experience, the prime age for hire is about 25 -28 ish. You will see them (CIA/FBI, etc.) at college job fairs, but they rarely hire anyone straight from college - unless you are EXTREMELY accomplished as a college student. What they want to see is real world experience and leadership. Even if you get to go on an interview, without job experience, there is no way you can answer the series of situational questions well.

As far as drugs, you can't have anything to do with drugs within the last 10 years - doing drugs or have any connection with people doing drugs. If you EVER sold drugs, you can forget about it.

The lie detector test is just as hard as the interviews - if not harder. If you have anything to hide, forget about it.