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Originally Posted by Dellort_M3 View Post
Hey I was wondering if you can clarify a few things that I cant seem to grasp.

Why is it when you get swap out for aftermarket seats only the passenger airbags and error lights occur?
Do the drivers airbags always stay on and deploy no matter what?
Shouldnt their be an error light for driver airbag since the driver doesnt have a side/seat airbag as well?
Why is having the dash airbag on for a passenger with bucket seats so dangerous? vs Driver.

The occupancy sensor is on the passenger side seat, whereas the airbag sensor is within the seats itself. The car automatically assumes that there is a person driving the car, which is why the error light for occupancy on the driver side does not go off. Having a dash airbag for a passenger with bucket seats is dangerous because it can deploy without being buckled in, and can cause severe damage to the passenger.

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sexiest seats i've ever seen - please pm me pricing. thanks.
PM coming!