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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
So, you have the Dinan Stroker, and you supercharged it in addition.. but you are unhappy with the torque?

Should have clarified a bit more.

I had 2 e92 M3's and now a 335i. The first was with the Dinan stroker upgrade which I sold after about a year.

The 2nd M3, I decided the Supercharger was a more cost effective upgrade. Which it is in comparison.

I now daily drive a 335i coupe simply for the gas mileage. This is NOT a m3 vs 335 comparison so no one get started on that lol. It is simply a cruiser to and from work with decent power. My comparison for lacking torque should be taken in perspective. My other cars have been a Viper, Ford GT, ZR1, R8,SLS Mercedes and a GT-R. I personally would hold out for the next gen M3. I hope BMW uses turbo chargers in the new m3. It will make torque much more efficiently and sooner. Sure, it wont have the highrev N/A sound or feel, but I simply daily drive mine. I have other toys for the weekend.

I did it all over again on my 3rd e92. I went for the 335i on a lease. The amount I spent on mods on previous cars was ridiculous. Taking into perspective, Ive spent about $3500 on my GT-R to net a 600hp package. We wont go there though. That is apples to oranges. Even though I own a GT-R I am not going to comment if its right for you. Go drive one and see about the comfort. The seats are pretty damn firm so is the ride. My neck usually hurts the next day after driving it The interior is very nice. The Nav is lacking compared to Idrive. I hate the iPod interface compared to BMW. So much I dont even use my iPod or the Nav. My Gripes are small, but those are the things I notice when I drive the GT-R in replacement of my BMW during the middle of the week. Everyone who says the GT-R has a numb feel or drives itself has never taken one on a track. The limits are so high you could easily feel bored on the street. Try entering chicane at 120 MPH Flat out Youll be thankful it is AWD. In fact, the steering has a lot of feel. You can always feel the torque shifting from front to rear in the steering wheel. It is addicting driving it on the track. The AWD system makes you itch to jump on the throttle faster than other cars can.
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