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Originally Posted by Tim B. View Post
UPDATE: When i ordered my tune i didn't "order" it with the "cel turned off", i just stated that i had a Challenge street pipe, with the primary cats still in place........evidentally this gets you the Stage 2 tune with the O2 sensors "off". I got a new tune from Sal/Paul this morning, with them (cats/O2) untouched and just installed it. Everything went well and i didn't get a cel(yet). Still don't know if it's ready to pass inspection. After a few drive cycles, i'll go try again in the next day or two. And i know it's just an inspection, but when things arise like this i get a bit ancy and want them resolved asap You only have 30 days to get it resolved and i didn't know how in depth this would go(software removal, exhaust removal, dealer visit, etc.) I'll update again, when i pass
I think you identified the problem and will be fine now that the rear 02 are turned back on. Since you retained the primary cats, there is no need to turn off the rear 02.

This is an important decision to make when ordering a tune. I bought a catless, resonatorless x-pipe, tried it for 3 days and decided it did not match the intended purpose of the car as a daily driver that my wife would ride in. She refused to get in the car the 2nd day. I put the stock one back in and just finished adding 4 resonators to the other x-pipe like Dinan and Borla use. I am going to try this for a while and see how I like the gassy smell. While a tune might help with the smell, I don't think it would yield a dramatic improvement. Plus I want to be able to pass OBD2 plug in and most of the tunes for catless will fail OBD2 readiness. I think I will end up adding 2 high flow cats. Once I know for sure, I will be able to oder the tune.