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To Flash or NOT to Flash?

So I am done with all the bolt-on power mods that I wanted to put on my M3 the only mod left to do is a flash. At this point I am sure that I want to go with the ESS catless flash. my question is for those who have the flash was it worth the money, is there any notable power gains or did you flash just because you wanted to get rid of the cel and remove the top speed governor?
I am on the fence because I still have my stock xpipe with cats attached and can reinstall myself for emission within the next two years, I have done 172mph so I'm not sure about the limited top speed of my M3 yet (I know the M3 is supposed to be governed at 155 but mine is not); don't see myself doing more than 180mph with the M3, I don't care to extend the rev limit as I feel it is ok stock. So guys talk me into or out of doing this mod . Also for those of you who did not go with the flash chime in. Also is there a need to go one step colder plugs I had to do this with my Flashed G35.
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