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Originally Posted by bholloway View Post
I'd go for the GTR. If you're the type of person who switches cars every few years, a supercharger kit is wasteful in the sense that its a depreciating investment. What are the supercharger kits running these days $15k-20k or so? Plus the accompanying mods to help it support the power. That's a lot of extra money to spend considering that if you try and sell the car in two years you'd be lucky to get even 50% of that investment back.

If you're like the big M3 fans on this board and will keep the car for a while then go for the supercharger. To me it seems like you're just looking for something new to tide you over for the next year or two and in that case the GTR will be something different.
An ESS SC that provides you 535 crank HP is $8,300 brand new. Figure another $1K to get it installed.

These SC systems are sold used for $6K. They are not super expensive to start with and tend to hold their value very well. When it's time to sell the car you just take the SC off the car, sell it and your car is returned to normal very easily.