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Originally Posted by MuttGrunt View Post
Looks like you have pretty light swirling going on, which is awesome. Most cars I've seen aren't near this.
Oh good. I was afraid you'd tell me it was beyond hope for an amateur! The trunk lid (second pic above) just made me cringe with all the fine marks. This wasn't from me. My car was ED, and PCD pickup, so there's no telling how many times it was washed improperly.

Originally Posted by MuttGrunt View Post
I'd recommend trying 106 on a black pad (work it good and long as this oily polish doesn't break down very fast on a DA) and seeing how that works. You'll likely get at least 50-80% correction with just that. If it gives an acceptable result, you're good to go. If you want more correction, compare 203 on white followed by the 106 on black.
OK, very good. I may have a couple of more spots that need a Orange + 203, but now I know to use Black + 106.

So, after I make good progress with Black + 106, what will I need before my LSP? Should I use 106 with a Blue pad? Or, how will I use the Power Lock, or Chemical Guys Jetseal 109? And last step is my Pete's 53 applied by hand? I also want to try a IPA wipedown, but I'm not sure.. does it go before Power Lock/Jetseal 109?