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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
VIR is also very big with lots of long straights which favor high power cars over chassis dynamics. Stick these cars on a smaller course like the Street of Willow and you're likely to see a much different result.

Case in point: The GT-R is faster than the Corvette Z06 Z07 package at Street of Willow

Where the GT-R was slower than the same Corvette at Laguna Seca.

So take the comparisons with a grain of salt.
The difference between this test and lightning lap is RANDY POBST, a professional...lightning lap is done by amateurs!

The test at willow, the cars are virtually equal, I'm sure Randy would even agree, your arguing over a tenth or 2. Then you take the Mazda Raceway test and the Z06 has the "tire advantage" and beats the GTR by 2 SECONDS.

GTR with softer "street" tires .1-.3 quicker
Z06 with softer "street" tires 2 seconds quicker