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Originally Posted by tlp View Post
How can you say no curb rash?

This is just filed down curb rash, its still curb rash.

Thank you for that ! My SA did mention a a while back that while dismounting/mounting the tires the service man "nicked" it just a bit. I am very OCD about stuff (and he knows it) so he said he took care of it (i guess filing it down was it). I have honestly never noticed it and i took a good look at the wheel at the dealer.
I ran my fingers across it right now and you can't even notice the bump. I mean, its very very minor and you can't even see (unless your directly looking for it) that there's something wrong with the wheel. but if you want i could take $50 off to get it polished ?

Thanks once again
Originally Posted by DisGuy View Post
god damn that car is nice. i would sell my girlfriend for it
Originally Posted by mastek View Post
why dont you leave him a love note on the car -- with hearts and shit

lol - seriously tho -- I find notes on my car sometimes -- but it's NEVER from girls -- -- damm M3 is a ghey magnet