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Originally Posted by The1 View Post
a big consideration for you mark, might be if the 15" has better resolution then the 13. that is if you don't attach your computers to external screens/televisions.
No, I usually don't unless I'm visiting someone and want to bore them with some of my pictures. It's nice to have the HDMI connections then. Apple sells the HDMI dongle for relatively short money.

Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post

My gf has the 13" and it beats the crap out of my old 15" one, in terms of graphics, CPU, etc. It's a night and day difference. That being said, it's not really all that surprising, since technology advances every few months. There is a night and day difference between SSD and a 5400/7200 rpm HD. Even if it has less space, I feel like I'll get much more performance with an SSD. My LR3 library is actually on my NAS, so when I edit photos I connect via gigabit ethernet. Space is mostly an issue for me when it comes to work-related stuff, sadly. I'm leaning towards a 13" MacBook Pro with 8gb RAM and a 256gb SSD.

The more I think about it, the less the Air appeals to me, mainly because I have an iPad 2 as well and I can use that for surfing, email, etc.
Yeah, SSDs are great for performance and less heat and noise. I just wish they'd come up with larger capacity drives that don't require a mortgage.

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