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Originally Posted by SONAR View Post
I've noticed that it doesn't seem to deposit a substantial layer on your lips, and I tended to need to apply it often, leading me to believe it was drying my lips out. There is no ingredient list on the tube so I'm not sure what exactly would do it. For the money, I would recommend one of the ones I posted. Everything but the aloe-gator can be found at CVS or Walgreens, the Palmer's is only at ghetto CVS

FWIW, the aloe-gator leaves a substantial layer. I've had two scotch rocks and it's holding up in a situations that otherwise usually calls for liberal re-application.
I've tried Burt's before and it worked pretty damn well but so far I've had decent luck with that Blistex. The medicine I was taking for acne as a teen dried me the hell out and that's when I started really using chapstick. At the time, Blistex was the only one that really seemed to make it feel better. I'll definitely check the other ones out though, thanks