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The 13" MBPs have very impressive graphics. We've bought a few for some of our faculty and they all rave about the screens. You can really load one up with RAM, too. Although these days 8GB is almost basic. If you're going to use this as a card dump for photography, you may want to skip the SSD drive and get a normal drive in the 500GB - 1TB range. It's not that much added weight and it will probably reduce the cost of the laptop by a bit.

Skip the MB Air. Those are for web surfing and email.

My 16" Latitude Z (which I'm using right now) is getting old. The fan has started making lots of noise and the hard drive is a paltry 128GB. The touchpad has sucked from Day One and the keyboard is beginning to act funky. I think it's getting time to upgrade. I may go Mac as well. Just tough to choose between a 13" MBP and a 15" MBP. I don't haul mine around much, so the extra screen real estate may be worth the added weight.

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