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Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
Better, yes, reliable, YMMV. I've had Macs since 1990 and have had literally only 1 issue with the 4 I've owned over those years.

I need something that I can take to work with me every day. A PC or iMac won't cut it. A windows/linux laptop won't do either (I hate windows, and many of the apps I use aren't in linux, and no I'm not going to run a virtual machine). Netbooks are too small and not powerful enough for a daily workhorse computer.

I think you are right with your last post though. Might as well get a computer I can upgrade later (i.e. buy more RAM, buy a bigger SSD).

The reason I'm thinking about a 13" instead of a 15" is to save money since I have external monitors at home and at work, and also to save on weight/size since I have to haul it everyday.
thats how i sort of treat my laptops. I get one that either has bluetooth or pick up a bluetooth chip so i can use a keyboard externally. hook it up to a monitor, then never actually touch the laptop until i go somewhere and need to take it with me.

this way i can leave it sitting on the other side of the room and still control it.

sort of what i do with my PC too.

my laptop is pretty much for when i travel, or visit family. Or go to my boat and it's raining, as well as back up my photos while i'm away. other then that it really has no use for me.

my 3 year old pc still runs circles around my brand new quad-core 8 gigs of ram laptop with stand alone video and audio cards. Kind of sad. This is why i detest laptops, there's just so much crap running them that they can't actually run themselves to their fullest extent.

i'll still always own one though....