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This is listed on 9 forums, so I'll be managing the main list. Members can simply post, and I'll merge everything.

Unofficial Round #5 Feeler List:
1. 99GREENM3- 18x9.5" ET35- Hyper Silver - Bimmerforums
2. Ramp1- 18x9.5" ET35- Hyper Silver-
3. ///M3AN ONE- 18x10" ET25- Satin Black-
4. M Nectar- 18x9.5" ET35- unspecified-
5. tlarocque- 18x9.5" ET35- Satin Black-
6. Beetroot- 18x9.5" ET35- Hyper Black-
7. jibbonacci- 18x9.5" ET35- unspecified-
8. AXDB- 18x9.5" ET35- Anthracite-
9. stash1- 18x9.5" ET35- Hyper Silver-
10. MasterC17- 18x9.5" ET35- Hyper Silver-
11. conedrac- 18x9.5/18x10- Hyper Black -
12. kenshin223- 18x10.5" ET27- unspecified- Bimmerforums
13. bjo- 18x9.5" ET35- unspecified-
14. fastfreddie- 18x10" ET25- Hyper Black-
15. zaharias- 18x9.5" ET35- Hyper Black-
16. checkmate- 18x10" ET25- Hyper Black-
17. E90Montreal- 18x10" ET25- Satin Black-
18. wwilson7- 18x10" ET25- Satin Black-

Unofficial Round #6Feeler List:
1. PowerM3- 18x8.5" ET38- 18x9.5"- Hyper Black-
2. Kennyfrc- 18x9" ET42- 18x10" ET25- Hyper Black-
3. a_riddler- 18x9.5" ET22- 18x9.5" ET35- Hyper Black-
4. baldTyres- 18x9" ET42- 18x10" ET25- Satin Black-
5. johanness- 18x9.5"ET35- 18x10" ET25- Hyper Silver-
6. SmartBastard- 18x8.5" ET38- 18x10" ET25- Anthracite-
7. Cliffhopper- 18x8.5" ET38- 18x9.5"- unspecified- - need to select different rear wheel
8. Imperial Sloth- 18x8.5" ET38- 18x9.5" ET35- unspecified-
9. kosh2k- 18x9" ET42- 18x10" ET25- Satin Black-
10. M3only- 18x8.5" ET38- 18x9.5" ET35 unspecified-
11. digivation- 18x9.5" ET22- 18x10.5" ET27- Satin Black-
12. zaharias- 18x8.5" ET38- 18x9.5" ET35- Hyper Black-
13. Darkduke- 18x9.5" ET22- 18x10.5" ET27- Hyper Black-
14. e90fun- 18x8.5" ET38- 18x9.5" ET35- Hyper Silver-
15. Texas F1- 18x9.5" ET22- 18x10.5" ET27- Satin Black-

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