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Originally Posted by Definitive View Post
I can go but I have conflicts. There is a Ferrari group drive the week before to palm desert and chuckawalla track. That trip for me would be basically free because I would go with my dad. Pay for gas basically. The track day is a full open day for Free. So basically I would have to pay for gas...

I would go to both, but the issue is that I cant leave my wife with both kids two weeks in a row for multiple days. She would not be happy at all. And Mfest is usually around a grand for me, and that is money that could really be used elsewhere right now...

So I just dont know what to do. I know I would regret not going to MFEST, but would also miss not going on the ferrari drive. I would def miss MFEST more, but that amount of money not having to be spent is huge...

Ugh, wheres the emoticon for a shotgun to the head! lol

I would pick the ferrari run over mfest