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LOL... nice job Nine... Is this you turning the thread into a GT-R Thread? Just wanted to call that out first... before you get all defensive later.

As long as you realize it takes R Comopound Tires to do it. And nothing with a backseat comes close.

Hows the M3 fairing? How many seconds behind a Mustang is that now?
The M3 tested before posted a 3:05.4 time, which, as noted, is faster than the C63 coupe's time.

As far as the Laguna Seca Mustang, that car runs R-Compounds and has an X-brace where the back seat used to be. I'm sure this was your point in reference to the GT-R/ZR1, but the M3 hardly competes with a car like this. Furthermore, it's misleading to suggest the GT-R is somehow handicapped by its custom engineered, even sticker than last year's Dunlop model runflats. I've yet tot see any real hard evidence of a GT-R with a DOT legal R-compound (Toyo R888 for example) tire outperform the stock Dunlops in a well controlled test.
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