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Originally Posted by carve View Post
Oh I absolutely agree. Treading lightly is a big deal in mountain biking, too. Unless he's in private parks he's closing trails. He spent as much time going sideways as forwards. Not only is it damaging, but dangerous for a lot of the bystanders. I wonder what he'd be able to do creeping up in an ultra-low gear vs. spinning tires.

Still, I'm really in awe over the toughness and capabilities of the machine. Just like a video game.

That roll cage is severely overbuilt though. Too heavy.
I could only imagine what he could do with a ultra low gear and crawling that thing. I dropped an Atlas II transfer case into my jeep and a the abilities of my jeep where just amazing in ultra low. 70 mph on the highway tops but over the rocks it was crazy.

And that thing is way tough. I wouldn't do half that stuff in my jeep but I would try the same trails at a much slower speed and WAYYYY lower gear. Might take me longer to do it, but I'm getting up the same trails, and causing a ton less damage.

Glad I'm not the only one who believes in tread lightly.