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Originally Posted by ///Mandy View Post
You're absolutely right that the time away should be perfect for me. And you did make a valid point, I need to take up a hobby to keep myself busy and productive. I've never thought of doing this and perhaps this is what causes me to go all haywire everytime he has to go somewhere. Thanks girly.
Painting class sounds like a good idea, would be relieving after a long day at work I bet. Or maybe a kickboxing course after a long day at work lol.

That's too bad your ex couldn't understand and give you what you wanted. His loss.

I'm working to get to the point where you are, Sara. I do want to be independant and find something that can keep me occupied whenever he goes away.

Thank you Sara, JamJay and all that has responded in this thread, love you guys!
Girl, you would love it. Look in your area and see if they offer any classes called "Painting With A Twist" Its not expensive at all. $40.00 a lesson. They usually last about 3 hours once a week. Best part is you drink while you learn! lol You follow tips from the instructor but you add you own personality into your paintings and feel good while doing it! haha. Its fun if you get a bunch of your girlfriends to do it too

Not meaning to thread jack but you can really have fun doing this new hobby of mine.

Here's some examples. Of course they're all New Orleans themed
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