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Originally Posted by Sara504 View Post
Girl that should be perfect for you! I would think you would want "your time"

I had to stop dating someone because we lived really close to each other and I had to tell him "just because you see my car in my driveway doesnt mean Im available for you to just come over. I need my time too." I even straight up told him, "give me a chance to miss you" and he never called me again lol.. So I dunno I guess though for you, you get used to seeing someone so much. Im so independent that it wouldnt bother me one bit to not see my bf for a few days-2 weeks. I'd find something to do to keep myself entertained..

Ever thought of a painting class? Just a cute little hobby, keeps you busy but productive while he's away.
You're absolutely right that the time away should be perfect for me. And you did make a valid point, I need to take up a hobby to keep myself busy and productive. I've never thought of doing this and perhaps this is what causes me to go all haywire everytime he has to go somewhere. Thanks girly.
Painting class sounds like a good idea, would be relieving after a long day at work I bet. Or maybe a kickboxing course after a long day at work lol.

That's too bad your ex couldn't understand and give you what you wanted. His loss.

I'm working to get to the point where you are, Sara. I do want to be independant and find something that can keep me occupied whenever he goes away.

Thank you Sara, JamJay and all that has responded in this thread, love you guys!

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