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Personal Introduction, #1 Milwaukee Reserv Spot

Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone and contribute something new during this slow period while we are all waiting for any sign of the new M3. Anyone else from Wisconsin? I’m 28 and absolutely love cars and driving. I’m #1 on the waiting list for the M3 here in Milwaukee. My salesman called me last week to inform me that their dealership will be receiving 8 cars (for the first year I presume?).

I’ve had a history of owning driver’s cars and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I think it’s fun to hear about other people’s history so I’ll share my background.

Vehicles I’ve Owned
1995 LS Integra
1997 GS-R Integra
2000 Type R Integra
2006 Evo MR

I’ve loved owning each one of these cars and the Evo MR was tons of fun – summer through winter. I had it just short of two years. The main reason I sold it last month was probably just because I wanted something that looked a bit more classy and “professional” inside and out. I also desire more creature comforts and tech stuff.

I typically don’t think of myself as someone who buys cars to fit in or to be accepted but maybe that’s part of what happened with the Evo. I discovered that people (girls) presumed that the wing was something that I added. This realization did not sit with me well. It’s too bad because that car was amazing to drive with the exception that I sometimes missed the throttle response of NA engines and the feeling of a BMW when cornering (stable and flat). My brother owned an E46 M3 and I had plenty of seat time in that car. Loved everything about that car – even performed fantastic in the winter snow with a set of snow tires. After the ecu flash (bone stock otherwise) the Evo IX felt particularly stronger than the M3. Fantastic rush of usable power in any gear due to the turbo.

I’ve driven the 335 coupe and four-door in auto and manual format – phenomenal car in all respects although something about the driving experience struck me as “soft”. My only real complaint about the vehicle was that the shifter seemed a bit rubbery and gave me the impression that it was fragile. I felt that shifting quickly was not particularly enjoyable – maybe this would have improved after the transmission had time to be broken-in. Clutch pedal was very soft and easy but again, it seems like the driving style is on the other end of the spectrum when compared to M cars. It only reaffirms that the M3 is the right choice for me.

Since there is plenty of speculation about price I wanted to give my insight. What is with people suggesting the BASE price might be over 70k? Forget the exchange rate (sure – it does not make sense) but it only seems logical to compare prices to other vehicles in the BMW lineup. I guess that the highest base price compared to other cars BMW sells would be no higher than $62k. If I had to bet money today I’d guess $55K for base price without delivery. That would be $15k over the 335 coupe and 6K more than the previous E46 M3. The entry price for the 550i sedan (4.8 liter V8) is 58,500. I don’t see how they could price the M3 over that vehicle by more than a couple thousand. Is there anything I’m overlooking?

Glad to be apart of this community – looking forward to possibly owning one of the first 2008 M3’s in Wisconsin!

Here's what i'm driving in the meantime - my brothers summer fun car.

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