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Originally Posted by Sara504 View Post
Girl that should be perfect for you! I would think you would want "your time"

I had to stop dating someone because we lived really close to each other and I had to tell him "just because you see my car in my driveway doesnt mean Im available for you to just come over. I need my time too." I even straight up told him, "give me a chance to miss you" and he never called me again lol.. So I dunno I guess though for you, you get used to seeing someone so much. Im so independent that it wouldnt bother me one bit to not see my bf for a few days-2 weeks. I'd find something to do to keep myself entertained..

Ever thought of a painting class? Just a cute little hobby, keeps you busy but productive while he's away.
Best way to be! When she's off out I got my guys, I got my car, I got my Xbox...whatever, it's good to just do what I want once in a while, keeps our relationship going.