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Originally Posted by ///Mandy View Post
Thanks for the replies gents.

Truthfully, it isn't because of the whole trust issue. I do trust him 110%. I guess because we were together for so long, I am thinking long term and truthfully do not like the idea of him travelling when there's a family you know.

He doesn't travel as much, I'm being generous with about 5x/year. And the span is for a few days. The most he's travelled so far was two weeks I think.

Greenkirby21, we live together, so I see him everyday lol (if that was what your question meant).

lkw15, how often do you travel? Has you and your gf discussed if you will continue to be doing this or not?
Girl that should be perfect for you! I would think you would want "your time"

I had to stop dating someone because we lived really close to each other and I had to tell him "just because you see my car in my driveway doesnt mean Im available for you to just come over. I need my time too." I even straight up told him, "give me a chance to miss you" and he never called me again lol.. So I dunno I guess though for you, you get used to seeing someone so much. Im so independent that it wouldnt bother me one bit to not see my bf for a few days-2 weeks. I'd find something to do to keep myself entertained..

Ever thought of a painting class? Just a cute little hobby, keeps you busy but productive while he's away.