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Originally Posted by niteryder View Post
2. Every BMW that you look at the "other" dealerships are just leftovers from their dealership or auctions that they did not want.
Haha! That reminds me...

A few years back I was looking at G37s. I printed a few autotrader ads and went to my local dealer. I found a similarly equipped car at the dealer, at around $5k more than the average of the autotrader ads I had. So I speak to a salesman and show him the ads and tell him I'd be interested in buying his car if he matched the average price (because I was too lazy to travel to the further dealers).
When I asked him why his was priced so much higher, he said "well, our Infinitis are made better than the ones at other dealers! You won't find one anywhere else like ours"

As you can see, I am the proud owner of a BMW.