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Oooh, I've had a couple.

1. Mom's GLK was making a weird whining noise, obviously mechanical. Dealer kept telling me it was "wind noise" because the hood was "too high". They put grease on all of the openings and "tightened" the hood.

A week later, they replaced my entire transmission because I finally convinced them it was mechanical and they found that the transfer case was going to shit.

2. When I was buying my car (G37S), I KNEW from the start I wanted 6mt. I went to a couple dealers, some of which don't have 6mt's, I understood. But they kept convincing me that auto > 6mt and it's so much more advanced and that the S and the regular model are one in the same, the S just has a badge on it.

3. Not a shop, but a tow truck driver I met at a rest stop.
I was making the usual trip from SD to LA, and a warning popped up saying something about tires, don't remember what is said exactly anymore. I pulled over at a rest stop, thinking the tires were rubbing on the fender lining and they were getting hot, shooting the PSI up, as I was overloaded w/ 2 more people in the car and a shit ton of baggage.
I asked the two truck driver for a PSI pen, he gave it to me and kept making a huge deal about it.
And I quote, "Your tires are like this / \, when they should be like this ||. You're going to LA? Yeah, you're not going to make it. I'm going up anyway, and I can tow you guys because you're definitely not going to make it. Oh and these are aftermarket rims? Yeah, your tires are going to pop, you won't make it."
I have stock rims. At the same time, I'm realizing that the warning was just a regular maintenance warning timer telling me to replace my tires soon, blah blah blah. So I'm listening to this guy BS out of his ass, while my two friends get back in the car, and I hear them laughing at me, and him especially.
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god damn that car is nice. i would sell my girlfriend for it
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why dont you leave him a love note on the car -- with hearts and shit

lol - seriously tho -- I find notes on my car sometimes -- but it's NEVER from girls -- -- damm M3 is a ghey magnet

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