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I plan to keep the job in all honesty, I don't detest it and it/business travel doesn't interfere so much with our lives at all, I want to stay as it's stable and the money will provide a steady future for us. My girlfriend works as hard as I do except where I tend not to work overtime as often as she, she will put in the hours needed so I guess she's understanding of my position. Bottom line, we want the money and as much as I hate to admit it it's what makes the world tick and what the luxuries in life are made of. I try to make sure I'm home for the weekends always so that we get some quality full days together but honestly, maybe one week in four i'm away for a day or two tops, then perhaps a handful of 1week+ trips per year which sucks but phone, text, skype help.

I actually took her with me on my last trip in December, she shopped while I went out and worked, we had a couple of really nice nights away and a great hotel so that's another option to soften the blow.

Thanks for the kind words . I'm just hitting my mid-20's so rather than drinking away my income I decided to take a grown-up approach to 2012 .