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Originally Posted by JulieDriving View Post
Isn't the C63 really thirsty though and worse than the M3 in that regard? I think that may be a key reason why BMW is going turbocharged. Better fuel economy and efficiency.

With what BMW did with the new M5, I'm almost certain the new M3 will be amazing. The outstanding question for me is reliability of the turbocharged engine.

But the current M3 still ends its time as a benchmark. It's engine is lighter and more efficient than that of the E46 M3. Do people still want the old M cars? Hell yes. These cars are special... the E9X is the pinnacle of 25 years of naturally aspirated M3 engines.

We'll enjoy the present in our class leading M3s and '12 C63s (it's a tie for me), incredible machines that not many people have the chance to enjoy, while we look forward to the future...
The AMG has a 6.3L V8. It's going to be thirsty, but if you can afford cars like this, then gas money really shouldn't be a problem for you. I'm not questioning that fact that the M3 won't be amazing because I know for a fact, I'm picking one up. The next generation C63(May go back to being called the C55) AMG will stay NA but will downgrade to a 5.5L engine that can be found in the SLK55 AMG. It will be tuned differently though to provide more horsepower.

The M3 is BMW's bread and butter and I'm sure they won't mess it up. My 335i was nothing but a pain in my ass, which is why I upgraded to the M3. I vowed to never again own a BMW FI engine. I sit here though and think, The M3 is what BMW does. It's been THE car that defines them. There is no way they are going to screw the car up and I'm sure they won't.

Every car manufacturer is going the FI route to improve gas mileage. There really isn't any other choice. There are very strict emissions laws coming into effect. BMW's whole fleet is boosted currently and you can't really blame them. I don't think anyone wants to be fined thousands of collars per car because it chugs gas.

I agree though, you really can't go wrong with either the M3 or a C63 AMG. We are very fortunate to even own one of the two cars mentioned.