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Originally Posted by coogs08 View Post
I remember when I was shopping for my M3 last year, I wanted to go check out the ISF (I know, I know...) just to see if I'd be missing out on anything. The guy at Lexus was an a**hole from the start, when I brought up wanting to test drive the ISF he said the same thing, 'Only serious buyers are allowed to test drive it." I was 26 years old last year at the time but I always get mistaken for an 18 year old. He also kept trash talking the M3, saying it isn't as reliable because it is 'turbocharged'. They definitely discriminate, but I guess I can't blame them too much. The funny thing is that the BMW salesman was very nice and let me test drive the M3 without hesitation. OH, I also forgot to mention that I drove up in my 2000 honda civic (still my daily driver).

I tried test driving the new 5.0 mustang and the sales guy was such an ass. If you see a guy in his 20's pull up in a newer BMW you know you could afford it, He said " you cant afford this car at your age their is no WAY!". he also said " These new 5.0's are a limited production vehicle"

I winded up telling him to " have a nice day " in my own words and walked out. I went on the mustang forums and bashed the dealership. 2 days later the manager at the dealership called me to apologize and offered a test drive of the Gt500 and 5.0 which i declined.

All in all, At the end of the day you are immediately profiled the second your feet hit their the dealerships property.