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Lightbulb Suspension upgrades for Track use: Control Arms, Toe Arms, Solid Mounts, ...

Hi guys, (perhaps a new sticky thread?)

as there are enough discussions here available about suspension systems, wheel spacers, wheels, brakes, ... that's why I want to find and list all available products which go beyond these "standard" upgrades.
These parts here can dramatically improve the feedback and handling of the e9x M3 as most of them use solid ball joints and not the soft rubber bushings.
A not flexing suspension means a precise working suspension.

Just an example: The new but already sold out Porsche 911 RS 4.0 comes with heim ball joints all around - on all suspension parts.
The e92 M3 GTS doesn't come with the same subframe bushings like the stock M3. It comes with solid subframe mounts.

Further more I'm asking for feedback: who has changed any suspension parts like control arms, toe arms, ... and want to share his experience with the new parts.

What I found so far:

The best of the best: a complete new suspension from Motorsport24. But the pricing is totally ridiculous. 3950 euro is ~$5100 US.
In Germany also available from Schirmer. Motorsport24 parts are available at IND in US.

The rear of this kit is not cheaper but as nice as the front. 5950 euro is ~$7600 US.^67.php

Solid Differential Mounts/ Bushings

Solid Rear Suframe Mounts

The e92 M3 GTS doesn't come with the same bushings like the stock M3.
As far as I know the GTS subframe mounts are solid like these.

Hope you know parts and vendors who have more for us.

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