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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
Revolution and Evolution are 2 different things.... Those Boxer engines have been around since the 1960's....good engines as you would expect if you had 40 years of development.... But you can only eek out so much power out of atmospheric 6 cylinders, I wonder what the path will be for the next GT3.

BTW, Porsche only developed a watercooled engine for the 911 GT1 at Lemans and didn't bring it to production until the 996 (forgetting the 924 / 944 / 928).... Hardly revolutionary.

You need cylinders and displacement to get power.....unless Porsche gets off its religion on Rear Flat-6 engines, the likes of MB / BMW / Audi are going to blow them away when they finally develop real sportscars (like the R8.....but not really since it has Quattro).

Porsche are built on a different premis. They don't need high horsepower engines in their cars because they keep their cars light. Acceleration is only ONE part of racing (tracking, auto-x, events, gtr..etc) BMW's, even the M3 is not designed around Porsche's winning formula. The flat six's will get DFI next year and about 9% - 15% more HP also becomming slightly lighter. Thus making it slightly quicker.

Don't ever make the mistake of thinking a BMW will out track a Porsche, it won't. But in the BMW you do get a quiet interior, a stereo that isn't shit and no squeeks or rattles that kinds part of Porsches heritage.

The new M3 is a little bit pigish (weight) if you ask me. I hope it's agility is still there or many will consider it a bust.