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Originally Posted by Rated ///M View Post
But why go turbo when an NA engine already offers all the characteristics of a turbo engine without the turbo? There is no turbo lag to deal with and I don't care how well you make an turbo engine, turbo lag will be there. The C63 AMG gives you instant response now. Would I trade in my M3 for one? Never. It's not my type of car.Different strokes for different folks.
Isn't the C63 really thirsty though and worse than the M3 in that regard? I think that may be a key reason why BMW is going turbocharged. Better fuel economy and efficiency.

With what BMW did with the new M5, I'm almost certain the new M3 will be amazing. The outstanding question for me is reliability of the turbocharged engine.

But the current M3 still ends its time as a benchmark. It's engine is lighter and more efficient than that of the E46 M3. Do people still want the old M cars? Hell yes. These cars are special... the E9X is the pinnacle of 25 years of naturally aspirated M3 engines.

We'll enjoy the present in our class leading M3s and '12 C63s (it's a tie for me), incredible machines that not many people have the chance to enjoy, while we look forward to the future...
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