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Originally Posted by Questforpower View Post
I did a cost vs make my own analysis on this before and it was very close. I probably spent around $40 a week or about $7.50 a day on lunch when I bought. I think i broke even because I made very hearty, large sandwiches every day even when I made them. You figure $2 for bread, $10 for meat, $5 for cheese, another $6 for tomatoes, lettuce. Another $5 a week on Chips and another $5 a week on drinks. That comes out to $33; I only gained $7 a week when making my own; yet the amount of work that went into it was a pain in the ass.

Perhaps look into Subway; they have a $3.99 daily combo special now.
When you put it like that, it makes since to keep eating out. I guess the only difference is nutritional value depending on where you eat out. I do subway, quiznos, chick filet, chipotle, jack, BK, chinese food, asian bbq, carls, couple to go restaurants, etc... repeat.

Originally Posted by SilverII View Post
i go out everyday... average about $20 each. so you are not that bad
$100 a week huh?

Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
My wife started making me pack as a new years resolution. I'd spend between $4-10/day depending on where I went. She packs every day and may end up working from home soon so that's how I justified my spending.

I also have another issue. I work out of my car. I spend limited time in the office. Packing for me keeps my options slim. I also don't love cold food or by the time lunch rolls around mildy warm lunch.

We'll see how long it lasts. The eating healthier side of it is a plus. Savings to me is probably minimal. I don't mod, play too much golf or have many expensive hobbies. I like my lunch haha
I tried this and it lasted two weeks! lol GL.