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Originally Posted by KKM3 View Post
I highly doubt your dodge neon ate e36 m3's for breakfast, especially since the e36 can keep up with the e46 on most tracks.
At New Hampshire, it was almost two seconds quicker than my E36 M3, as one example. The only E36s that could consistently get around me were a couple of 325s.

Turner Motorsports cars.

I think you're sort of, kind of, almost correct about E46s vs E36s. In my experience, very close except for almost any straight that wasn't a mere short chute.

Our E46 saw just one track day. Although it was a bit quicker than our E36 had been, I pretty much hated it because of more understeer - plus the stupid rasp of the exhaust which didn't sound anything like a proper BMW from my point of view.