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Originally Posted by spmd11 View Post
Yes, exactly... so the point I experienced was this.. does it make sense to spend the money required to get this performance from an SUV/SAV, i.e. $100k for an X5M!!! Because after you spend that dough, you still don't have a vehicle that handles like a sports sedan/coupe or sports car. The X5 5.0 is $20 to $30k less than the X5M.
If I absolutely needed an SUV and could only get one vehicle, I would get the X5M. Alternatively, if I was to go the 2 vehicle route, it would be the M3 and the X5 5.0. I also think the 5.0 gets pricier when you start adding the body kit, bigger wheels/tires, etc etc to get it closer to the M5. the price difference might be less than you think.
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