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Well, it took me about 55minutes to put it on. It was much harder to align
it on the way up, then the way down with only one person. Plus the pieces fit very tight.

Overall verdict: slightly disappointed. It quieter than I thought it would be from the videos. I've been on BMW drives where some people had after market exhausts and they were much meaner sounding. Though I haven't heard it from the outside yet. It seems only a little bit louder than stock, though I like that it doesn't sound over-the-top. On the cosmetic side, the exhaust tips don't stick out from under the bumper as far as it does in many photos of it that I've seen. You really can't see the ///M engravings too well. I really couldn't have adjusted the exhaust any further out the back without pulling out the connecting pipes. On the up side, I'm 22 lbs lighter, so like 0.25% of 1% in gas savings, .000001 seconds faster in the 0-60.

Now I wonder if I torqued some bolt too tight or too loose. Maybe I should keep my stock exhaust until I make sure this one doesn't fall off.

I don't have time to post photos or videos today or tomorrow, I'm working on a deadline, and getting it installed set me back enough already. I'll try to do something this weekend.
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