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Thumbs up APEX 18" ARC-8 Wheel Group Buy (Round #5 & #6)

APEX ARC-8 Wheel Group Buy (Round #5 & #6)

This Group Buy is now CLOSED

Due to hundreds of requests from members, we are hosting more Group Buys for the ARC-8 wheels
Customers have been inquiring about this specific round since October 2011
Other sizes will be available in upcoming Group Buys throughout the year
This Group Buy is listed on multiple forums: M3Forums, Bimmerforums, E46Fanatics, ZPost, E90Post & M3Post
The more members that sign up, the lower the price will be for everyone

Please note the size restrictions for Round #5 and #6
There is no minimum member requirement to receive the 1st tier discount!
Discounts increase as additional members sign up for each size

Group Buy #5 Discounts and Sizes
Wheels can be purchased in any combination (square or staggered) from the below list. No other combinations available

Sizes Available:
18x 9.5" ET35 - 18.85lbs - Retail $314 each
18x10.0" ET25 - 19.95lbs - Retail $324 each
18x10.5" ET27 - 20.45lbs - Retail $344 each

1 -10 Buyers = Retail Price + FREE Shipping*
11-20 Buyers = XXX OFF SET & FREE Shipping*
21-30 Buyers = XXX OFF SET & FREE Shipping*
31-40 Buyers = XXX OFF SET & FREE Shipping*
41-45 Buyers = XXX OFF SET & FREE Shipping*
46 + Buyers = XXX OFF SET & FREE Shipping*


Official PAID member list:
1. Sanju R.
2. Darren K.
3. Aaron M.
4. Evan B.
5. Kevin L.
6. William T.
7. Alex B.
8. Patrick S.
9. Nicholas R.
10. Mike C.
11. Paul H.
12. Benjamin O.
13. John A.
14. Vincent M.
15. Philip O.
16. Christian C.
17. Andrew W.
18. Arash K.
19. Jin Y.
20. Kalson C.
21. Richard S.
22. James C.
23. Simon H.
24. Chris C.
25. Andrei L.
26. Alexander G.
27. Christopher H.
28. Leslie D.
29. Carlos F.
30. Wes W.
31. Matthew C.
32. Ivan S.
33. Michael R.
34. Patty C.
35. Gary B.
36. Eric K.
37. Eric T.
38+39. John C.
40. Scott S.
41. Dmitri G.
42. Salvador B.
43. Mark C.
44. Michael S.
45. Ken L.
46. James R.
47. Sean T.
48. Ray P.
49. Ethan C.
50. Greg O.
51. John M.
52. Ryan M.
53. Ryan B.

Group Buy #6 Discount and Sizes
Must select a size from the "front" list, and a size from the "rear" list to create a staggered setup. No square setups of the same size. No sizes from the same category.

Front Sizes Available:
18x8.5" ET38 - 18.45lbs - Retail $289 each
18x9.0" ET42 - 18.65lbs - Retail $299 each
18x9.5" ET22 - 19.10lbs - Retail $314 each

Rear Sizes Available:
18x9.5" ET35 - 18.85lbs - Retail $314 each
18x10.0" ET25 - 19.95lbs - Retail $324 each
18x10.5" ET27 - 20.45lbs - Retail $344 each

1 -10 Buyers = Retail Price + FREE Shipping*
11-19 Buyers = XXX OFF SET & FREE Shipping*
20-29 Buyers = XXX OFF SET & FREE Shipping*
30-34 Buyers = XXX OFF SET & FREE Shipping*
35-39 Buyers = XXX OFF SET & FREE Shipping*
40 + Buyers = XXX OFF SET & FREE Shipping*

Official PAID member list:
1. John S.
2. Tim T.
3. Shane B.
4. Kenneth B.
5. James W.
6. Matthew S.
7. Andreas M.
8. Vladimir F
9. Anton G.
10. Ryan H.
11. Blair W.
12. Scott B.
13. Hsiao-Wei
14. Michael R.
15. Peter F.
16. Thotsakhan X.
17. Gerald T.
18. Matt G.
19. Francisco P.
20. Martin M.
21. Martin M.
22. Martin M.


Group Buy Details:

Official Open Date = January 24th
Official Close Date = February 2nd
Product Ship Date = February 13th

Free Shipping*
Free Shipping is available to members in the 48 mainland states
Alaska, Hawaii, and International members will receive a $75 credit off the actual cost of shipping
non-mainland/international members: please contact us prior to ordering for a shipping quote
We'll either send you an invoice, or a code to adjust your order

Local Pickup Discount:
Local customers who pick up their set will receive a $35 discount on their order.

When do these ship?:

CURRENT ETA: February 13th
This is a Pre-order Group Buy. Wheels do not ship the day after making payment like a traditional order
All orders should ship by February 13th, many will ship before the 13th
Some of these wheels are currently in production and scheduled to arrive at our facility the first week of Feb
We will ship those out within 3 business days of container arrival
Customs/Port delays can add an extra 1 week delay, but its rare
We cannot guarantee an exact ETA date. Our estimates have historically been conservative and within +/- one week of our ETA date
We will keep everyone up to date of even minor changes if they occur via this thread

Finish Availability
Finish availability will be offered on a first-come-first-serve basis
Members will now have the option to select between 3 choices at checkout regarding their finish choice

#1 Only accept the original finish choice
If it's out of stock, the order will be automatically cancelled at the close of the Group Buy

#2 Select an alternative finish choice
If the first choice is no longer available, the order will be adjusted to the secondary finish choice
If the secondary choice is also unavailable, the order will automatically be cancelled
If for any reason you don't care what finish you get, please note that in the comment field at checkout
We will determine adjustments at the close of the group buy based on one of two methods
If the max tier is reached, then any finish adjustments needed would be based solely on order of payment received
If the max tier is not reached, then orders will be adjusted in a way to maximize the number of participants, thus reaching the highest tier possible for the group as a whole
In this second scenario, priority will be allocated to members ordering staggered setups of a low availability finish, in order to create the most sets possible

#3 The option to wait until the first finish choice is back in stock
If there is enough inventory, wheels would ship right away to these customers
If it is out of stock, then the order will be back-ordered
We have another huge batch of wheels that is almost complete, and they will be arriving in March
Members who select this option will lock in their discount pricing and are guaranteed to receive their first finish choice
This is ideal for those who can wait if needed, and are unwilling pick an alternative finish
In previous Group Buys, all members would wait 4-6 weeks after the close date of the Group Buy to receive their wheels, so this format is not new
We are looking at the same exact time line for the next large shipment arrival, and we'll have a much more accurate ETA date in a few weeks, so there will be no surprises

How do I join? Payments and Sign-up info
This Group Buy is now CLOSED
Absolutely no late sign-ups will be accepted after midnight February 2nd Pacific time

Discount Tiers
The price you pay at sign up is based on how many members are currently signed up
At the close of the Group Buy, everyone's order/payment will be adjusted to the final discount tier reached
Your card or PayPal account will be authorized for the going rate, and then charged for the final price reached (the lowest price)
At the end, everyone pays the same price
There is zero advantage in signing up at the last minute
Early sign-ups promote others to sign-up, so don't sabotage your own discount

There are NO refunds on Group Buy orders. Group Buys are special order, which is why payment is taken in advance
Only replacement of defective, or mis-shipped products are available
Members cannot change colors or sizes after receipt for Group Buy orders
If you would like a traditional 30 Day return policy then we recommend purchasing at the retail price, and not via the Group Buy


Wheel Details:

Manufacturing process:
All APEX wheels are flow-formed resulting in a light weight, track and street worthy wheel
Flow-forming significantly reduces weight in the barrel by rolling the barrel out into it's final shape using large wheels/disks applying high pressure
This step is the same step that monoblock forged wheels go through to shape their barrels
By doing this, the flow-formed wheel's barrel has the same density and strength as the barrel of a fully forged wheel
This significantly reduces rotational mass at the furthest point from the center, which is the most important weight savings area on a wheel.

These wheels are fully JWL/VIA certified. Strength testing was done by the VIA in Japan
Don't be fooled by competitors that claim to be certified, but cannot provide registration numbers
There are vendors on this forum selling wheels that are not certified, yet they claim they are. Scary stuff!
CLICK HERE to see all VIA registration numbers

Comes with carbon-look APEX center caps
Accepts OEM Roundel center caps
Does not come with valve stems
Installs using your factory lugs or a stud conversion
Accepts all wheel spacers including 5mm while still remaining hub-centric
TPMS compatible

Satin Black

Hyper Black



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