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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
This is way off-base (in my opinion). The severe recession that Obama was elected into didn't even peak until a year into his term. So by the 2nd year, when things weren't suddenly, miraculously "all better", us educationally-impaired Americans did what we always do: get rid of the people we had just voted in. Did it make any sense? Of course not, because all we did was re-empower those who got us into the recession in the first place.

And congress' job is not to represent the wishes of their constituents -that's ignorant thinking. Do you really think that most constituents understand half of what congress votes on? What if people want the minorities removed from their district, do they get that? What if they want all emissions laws repealed, do they get that? What if they want to eliminate all the things that they don't have a personal use for?

The purpose of congress is to pass legislation, whether by compromise, reformulation, change of scope, or some other agreement. Congress is not there to sit around like idiots when the debt ceiling is about to be reached, and do nothing but speculate on what should've been done years back.

Why does everyone seem to forget that in 2006 and 2008 the pendulum had swung completely the other way - not because all democrats were suddenly geniouses, but because Americans wanted a turnover. Same thing in 2010, so it means nothing more than the fact that Americans have ADD.

At no point did I suggest that the will of the people was in fact logical, sensible or rational. As long as the dumbest. most ignorant person alive has a vote that counts just as much as someone who is a certified expert in the issues, the flawed system will yield flawed results. It is what it is, and until you can change it, you have to respect the will of the majority.

The reality is, while Congress exists to pass legislation, they do that while keeping in mind the ideals/values that got them elected over the other person in the first place. Granted, many people dont know the details of what bills are passed, but the whole point of supporting 1 party instead of another is that you should be able to not worry about following things in detail because you can expect that the person you choose would vote in a predictable way consistent with the ideals/values they claim to represent during the election.

Of course, some people might just vote for a change, not because they have suddenly reversed their political beliefs. Even then, do you really think an election winner would think: "well, I ran on a platform of conservative, right-wing values, but I'll vote in a way that is aligned with left-wing, liberal values to keep the wheels of congress turning at all costs. None of my financial backers or constituents will hold me accountable for that because they just really wanted change of the name on the door, not a change of approach, so I'll get re-elected for sure." If you believe that, then THAT sir, is naive, ignorant thinking.