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I agree with this thread totally, I have just owned an X6M for 3 weeks, I had to get out of it and return to my M3,my first experience with a M3 was wreaked by oil leaks and that was returned to BMW early November 2011.

I purchased a X6M as a rebound to the issues with my M3, but it just was not that special, really felt its weight and size and give zero entertainment, BUT that was not the cars fault, but mine, its a SUV and will never entertain like a smaller car. I lost sight of that and only realised when I had to live with it. I got rid off it and got new M3 with the individual pack on it with black wheels and grill and vents etc looks great!

And suddenly transformed my DD and put a smile on my face.

But I have to say X6M great bit of engineering the marketing suggests something wonderful, which it is! But its just as wonderfull in the diesel spec and here in the UK pointless.

If I lived in the USA I would have it as my second car over the wifes X5 diesel but in real world driving its no more impressive than the diesel ones we have had.

I totally agree with the gear box issues, lets hope an LCI sorts this.

Long live the thrill of the M3!