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I followed the initial breakin to the letter, but with some advice from I read on the forum. I kept it off the autobann for the first 1200 miles, had alot of engine braking and never let the motor cruise at one type of RPM. It was kinda a big PITA, I didnt mind it, but my wife did not like it. I had the oil change done at 1200 miles, and gave it some good WOT runs from 3 and 4th gear. All the way to 3k I continued to follow the manual, which really only says you are not supposed to cruise above 135 MPH, and to gradually increase your top speed. After 3k, I have taken it almost hit the speed limiter a few times, and have done a hand full of WOT blasts. Oil just changed at 5k miles and sent a sample to blackstone.

Honestly, if you don't abuse your car, let everything warm up you will be fine and follow the first 1200 miles break in procedure you will be fine. If you are in the states I don't see how 1200-3000 mile break in even applies unless you are taking your car to the track. Over here, I had to watch myself and make sure I staying below the recommended speed.