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Originally Posted by MEMMEZZ View Post
Im just looking for the simplest way to make the change. I am looking for a ZHP knob to light up just like the oem one. Call it illumination or whatever you like. Im getting a little confused when you guys say you assumed i wanted a lighted one? if that means what i think it mean then i do want that.
Is using parts from my oem knob difficult at all. I dont mind paying more to avoid potential problems. Unless it really is that easy (and not just bimmerpost easy, like guys who think installing an axle back in their driveway is fun lol) then i prefer to go with the easiest route.
Well, I did install an axle back this past Saturday, and yes, it was VERY easy. A PITA due to the limited clearance with jack stands, but very easy and straight foward. But even so, if you buy an illuminated knob from the source I posted above, you'll have to cut the connector off of the OEM shif knob, and just butt-splice it (or solder) to the wires already attached to the lighted OEM knob. If money is not object, I would suggest contacting LeatherZ and if their illuminated ZHP knob doesn't come with a connector, perhaps for an additional price, they can add it for you, which would make it total plug and play for you.

I can help you out if you'd like. PM me if you need any help. I'm no pro, but would be happy to help however I can.