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Originally Posted by KennyPowers View Post
Each m3 engine has been better than the kne before, no reason to think that trend will change
Think some --if not many-- would argue the E46 was not much of an improvement over the European E36 M3 with 321hp. Both from a motor and a chassis perspective. The E92 is a big leap over the E46 from at least a chassis perspective and definitely from a motor perspective, although a bit lacking in steering feel and heavier... and we can only see what the new motor will be.

I am sure the new M3 will be faster around a track. Will I get one, let's see. Will I keep my high-revving V8 M3, probably. It's like having an air-cooled Porsche for purity, yet no denying the 991 3.8ltr motor with 400hp is the shiznit.
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