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Track Trailer

Ok, here's the scoop on the track trailer. This is from my friend David here in Atlanta, who is a very talented driving instructor and a great guy.

"Below is a link to the kit I started with. The rest is all custom work that I modeled from someone else. It is a time consuming process but definitely worth it. Just assembling the kit took most of a day. Then you have to procure, fabricate, and install the ancillary components (wood platform, tool box, wheel stands, etc.). It's not especially hard, just a lot of steps so plan on this extending into several weekends if you do it yourself."

"Hereís a few things to think about:

∑ In addition to the basic trailer kit, youíll also want to get a spare tire and rollable retractable stand from Northern Tool. The latter is nice but not required but you definitely need a spare tire. I havenít had a flat yet but everybody with a trailer told me to make sure to get a spare so Iím passing the advice on. J

∑ The wood platform is ĺ inch pressure treated plywood cut to fit. I used a ľ bolts with lock washers and regular washers to mount it tight. I also used a router to remove wood where the trailer kit bolts stick up above the plane of the trailer platform so that the wood can lay flat. Youíll see what Iím talking about when you assemble the trailer. If I had to do it again, Iíd cut the wood larger to overhang the perimeter of the trailer. Iíd also put some deck sealer on it too but I store mine inside so the occasional trip in the rain probably does no harm.

∑ The utility box came from Home Depot. Itís not really made to be mounted like this which is why I fabricated the metal straps you see on the inside bottom to spread the force of the anchor bolts. Large washers might work fine but we carry some heavy stuff so I wanted to be sure the box doesnít rip off the platform. I frequently leave the trailer at the track overnight so the lockable latches are nice.

∑ The wheel stands are made of galvanized pipe and mounting flanges. I positioned the stands to accommodate larger tires so they hang over the sides a fair amount. I also drilled holes at the top of the pipes to accept locks; another nice to have when I leave it overnight. Also, the track tires wouldnít bounce off while driving but the trailer spare might so you need something to secure them.

∑ As built, the trailer tows very well. It is not high so I still have good rear view sight. It tracks straight and corners very well. My car drives as if it is not even back there.
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