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Originally Posted by Questforpower View Post
Following common sense is key;

1. Don't bring attention to yourself.
2. Don't look sketchy or look like you're up to no good.
3. Do not flaunt wealth (driving an M3 through the hood in this case is a bad idea).
4. Don't associate with anyone that appears sketchy or looks like a drug dealer.
5. Act calm, cool and collected.
6. Don't purposely go to crime infested areas if you don't need to. Most of the time these areas / locations are obvious. (areas on the outskirts of downtowns, run down downtown areas and the like.)

I don't know why in about 90% of situations anyone would bother you if you follow those rules... Gangbangs, muggings and drivebys aren't exactly a daily occurrence. I've driven through some pretty rough areas at night in Miami and Orlando and was never bothered. Not that I recommend either but it's not difficult to figure out in any city; where these areas might be.
I tell you I usually have no problems at night, since most criminals are not watching you at night since they really can not tell who you are. My experience is been board day light, I have been in a few shady areas during the day and got some serious bad looks, and been followed once. Once in Philly I was stopped at a Light and watch two guys steal wheels and tires off a park car while everyone watched. Another time was driving through Brooklyn on the express way and car broke down in front of me and they were just able to get the car off the road on to a shoulder. Came back past the car a few hours later it is was partially stripped. I guess they did not get the tow truck there in time.

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