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Towne BMW for US cars

My wife just took the car to Towne BMW in Buffalo to get some free service under the US free maintenance program (it's a US car). In short, it worked. But the result does not make me completely happy.

On the positive side, they replaced pads, fixed brake sensors i broke at the track, replaced spark plugs, changed diff fluid and engine oil at no cost and all in one day. They even gave my wife a free loaner for the day so that she could drive to eat and shop while in Buffalo/Niagara.

On the flip side, they did not replace rotors, even though SA promised to when I talked to him initially. Yeah, right - the receipt says "rotors in good shape", did not replace wipers until I complained, did not replace cabin air filter at all (I forgot to remind, but my US dealership when I lived there did not need reminders - new filter every 2 years, new wipers every year, without me asking on a regular 3 series). So the moral is Towne BMW does work for the free maintenance on US cars, but you need to watch them.

Well, my glass is 3/4 full