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Originally Posted by KennyPowers View Post
There are plenty of ways to make turbo engines that provide good low end and top end.

No one complains about the turbo v6 in the gtr, the 911 turbo, new m5 etc.

This board for some reason hates an engine which hasn't even come out yet. I am a believer and think it will be a great balance. Each m3 engine has been better than the kne before, no reason to think that trend will change
Depends on how you define better. Historically the m3 engines were apples to apples comparisons. Low displacement, relatively high revving NA engines with increasing hp/litre with each increasing generation. Also improved torque, horsepower, delivery of power, torque flatness etc. So it was easy to say each m3 engine was better.

However the new engine will be an apples to oranges comparison given what standard do you use to compare to totally different engines? If its simply more power and more torque than of course FI will always win. If its hp/litre than FI will always destroy a NA engine. If its tunability than Fi again will destroy. Unfortunately there is no objective measure of an engine's "feel" , sound or character in regards to the delivery of power.

So I am not sure what better means when comparing two different animals alltogether. One delivers power in a vastly different way than the other and if you prefer the delivery of top end high hp/low displacement engines than the new FI engine will not be "better" even though it may have all the objective measures of being better.

All I am saying is this will create a situation where comparing the new engines with m-engines past will make it impossible to really directly compare them.